Frequently Asked Questions: Winn Archery Equipment and the Free Flight Bow Hunting Release

Frequently Asked Questions - by Dave


Because of the differences in hand thickness, hand length and wrist diameter, there are no given dimensions that that can be used.  The size you need to order is the same size you would use when buying a pair of work gloves. This may sound unorthodox but it has worked very well for thirty five years, correct 99% of the time. If you think your hand borders between sizes go to the smaller size. The fit should be tight rather than loose and the glove will adjust itself as it forms to your hand.

Many shooters for cold weather buy an extra glove one size up. All gloves and mechanisms are interchangeable. The mechanism comes off easily using a 3/32  allen wrench.

*** IF YOU THINK YOU NEED AN X-LARGE, 99% of the time you will still need a size LARGE.  The XX-LARGE - Should be considered XX and a special order for extremely large hands or to be used over a typical size large hand wearing a thick cold weather glove

*** Use this link for more information on XX-Large.

Most of us can look at our hands and say what size it is without thinking about it. Common sense prevails and a little comparison to another person's hand may help you to decide.


X-SMALL – Child's hand usually through ten years. If the Child's hand is at all above average for the age go to size SMALL. X-SMALL is for the very small hand.

SMALL - Normally fits an average size lady's hand or a juvenile's hand that is still growing.

MEDIUM - Average to small man's hand or large lady's hand.

LARGE - Large to extra large man's hand or medium sized hand over a cold weather glove.

XX-LARGE - Very large hand or to be used over a thick cold weather glove on a large hand.


Wondering what size of old glove you have?

Find the tabs of leather that go ahead out past the slot where the mechanism attaches to the glove. One is on top of the mechanism, one is underneath behind the trigger about a 1/4" long. If they both come to a point and the top tab is larger than the bottom it is a large. If they are rounded and both the same size, it is a medium. The large description is for gloves sold before 2010. Since 2010 the large has same style tabs as the rest but can be designated be the flat straight cut under the buckle, the older gloves were rounded under the buckle. The tabs on the X-large gloves are still the same, uneven in size and come to a point. The difference in the X-Small, Small, and X-Large are obvious.

Use this link to view the differences in size and shape. Notice the tabs on the X-large gloves, the old large glove had tabs that are identical to these.

The C-10 and Loop hook pull triggers are adjustable for travel. The relax triggers are not adjustable as the trigger pull is a constant, actually the shot is made before you have a sense of it happening. If you had to put a weight on the relax trigger shot it would be a negative 4 - 8 ounces.

The pull trigger models are shipped with maximum trigger travel. It is not made for a "hair" trigger. Contrary to popular belief, you need to feel resistance. A hair trigger will only get you in trouble, and it will not fix the flinch that you are trying to avoid. It is recommended you give it at least a hundred shots before adjustments, this allows the sears to seat themselves.

To adjust look at the front of the mechanism find the hole in the top of the trigger. There are two set screws tightened down on each other to prevent them from jarring loose. Take the first one out and turn the inside screw clockwise to lighten and shorten the travel. Notice the screw going through and making contact with the case. Watch the trigger move as you turn the set screw in, it is putting the sears closer to their separation. At this point use "VERY" small increments, testing the trigger to make sure there is enough sear to hold it before making a draw. Put in the second set screw and snug the two of them together. To keep them both from turning in while tightening, push the trigger forward keeping pressure on it. This pushes the first screw against the case wall securing its position.

*Readjust trigger periodically as time will change the trigger action.

*It is advised that you send out at least a hundred arrows before you adjust the trigger travel, this is needed to seat the sears.

*To engage the C-10 without making a click sound, pull and hold the trigger, letting go after the serving is engaged in the slot. To close the Loop Hook quietly, push mechanism into any surface of your clothing, releasing the trigger to lock it up.

Yes, all the mechanism and gloves are interchangeable.
You are not supposed to have anything in or on your hand or wrist until you get settled in. The forums are filled with a lot of nonsense, one posted he did not like the Free Flight because he could not drive his quad with it on his hand.
It is what your draw weight is perceived to be by you. We use 15lbs less felt draw weight as it is in the middle of what a whole lot of shooters have told us. Some say 10lbs less, some have said 20 and even 30. It is not trickery, it is how the glove and the grip form around and behind your hand. Compare picking up a 50 lb iron bar wearing your favorite pair of heavy working gloves, getting a good grip around it: to picking it up with only a strap around your wrist and not making a grip around it with your fingers. There is a confidence factor to be figured into a Free Flight's draw.
Not at all. You can relate it to the first time you shot a bow with a release. You did not know what was going to happen. Same thing with a relax trigger, it will be different until you get used to it. It will take a bit of practice to get a mental picture of the shot but it is smooth when you find it. We have spent a lot of time on instructions and tips that can be seen on each product's page. As long as you pay attention to this and do what is advised, it is not bad at all. Of course they are not for everyone, nothing is. Although I will say you have to pay closer attention to your practice with the Loop Hook Relax. The one trouble shooters seem to have is they try and relax the trigger slow, it is not going to work if you do this. Just relax it naturally, as you would open a tight fist. Make a fist and try to open it slow.
Probably the same guy that could not drive his quad with it on his hand. Sure if you take the strap and rip it off fast it will make noise. If you take 5 seconds and pull it off slowly it is not loud at all. If I am in the need of being super silent I put both hands under my jacket and pull it off slowly.
Their is to much text for here so we have created a pdf with important information about the relax trigger. This same sheet is shipped with the release for future reference. And like any new equipment it takes a little time and practice. Make sure you read it and understand it before purchasing. You can read it > here <
Yes! We have created a pdf with important information about our pull trigger releases. Read it > here <.

Keep the questions coming and I will tell you what's up. Thanks for the interest ~Dave

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