C-12 Relax Trigger Release - Winn Archery's Free Flight Bow Hunting C12

C-12 Relax Trigger Bow Release

The many advantages of a relax trigger have been proven in all shooting sports. Archers for the most part did not know what a flinch or "target panic" was until the mechanical release was invented. It is safe to say that if you are pulling a trigger using muscle command, at some level you are missing targets because of it.

Whether you are a shooter with a bad case of target panic, or if you simply want an edge on your targets with a smooth no thought release, this is it.

Many different ways to shoot the C-12, relax your finger, let your finger slide off the trigger, relax your entire hand or let the trigger slide between a finger and thumb pinched in front of the trigger.

On top of being the smoothest possible release you get the comfort and quality that is in all the Free Flights.

Very Important! Read this important information that needs to be understood before purchasing a relax trigger release.

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