winn archery's free flight a release made for comfort - quality - consistency by design c-12 Relax Trigger you will immediately feel the difference

Five sizes to choose from

  • extra small
  • small size
  • medium size
  • large size
  • extra large size

gives you the proper fit

The free flight's mechanism and glove design gives you 15 lbs. less felt draw weight. Add another 15 lbs. for arrow speed or keep your present weight for an easier draw. With the mechanism held in tight for a longer draw length, add even more fps.

  • A smooth crisp trigger
  • A size made to fit your hand
  • The mechanism on a form fitted platform that forces consistency

Imagine doing a one handed pull-up with a rope tied to your wrist watch. Now imagine the wrist watch and the rope going back into the exact same position for the next one. The free flight's glove forms to your hand, with every radius becoming a contact for support. This support is reinforced by the grip you naturally have when making a fist. All of these features give you the most important part of a draw -- confidence in everything that follows.

  • Gives much needed confidence to the young and junior shooters
  • Confidence and more fps for the women shooters
  • Gives the men a reason to forget about target panic

American made quality that will last season after season.

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